Completed Projects

Roadway Infrastructure and Streetscape Improvement

Kirby Drive
Richmond to Westheimer

Involved complete roadway reconstruction and 72" storm sewer line installation along the southbound lanes of Kirby between Westheimer and Richmond parallel to an existing storm sewer line.

Unsightly overhead utilities were relocated in duct banks under the street allowing for an urban streetscape to overlay new infrastructure improvements. Streetscape improvements meet ADA requirements and include pedestrian lighting, wider sidewalks, benches, landscape enhancements and brick-paved crosswalks.

Kirby and W. Alabama - before Kirby and W. Alabama - during Kirby and W. Alabama - after
Kirby and W. Alabama: before, during, and after infrastructure and streetscape improvements

TIRZ Participation: $16 M
HCID Participation: $2.4 M ARRA Funding
Completed: November, 2009

Kirby Drive
Richmond to US 59

Continued the scope of Kirby Drive storm drainage, roadway, utility and streetscape improvements south to US 59.

TIRZ Participation: $4 M
HCID Participation: $1.7 M ARRA Funding Grant
Completed: November, 2011

Buffalo Speedway
US 59 to Bissonnet

Reconstruction of Buffalo Speedway as a 6-lane facility within existing 100' ROW. Traffic modeling indicated roadway widening was needed to operate at an acceptable level of service. This project was also overlaid with overhead utility burial and a complete landscaping and pedestrian streetscape enhancement package through HCID No. 3 participation.

TIRZ Participation: $4.8 M
HCID Participation: $1.8 M ARRA Funding Grant
Completed: March, 2012

US 59 to Richmond

Included the widening of roadway to 40' with curb, gutter and sidewalk improvements. The width allows for parallel parking on either side of the street adjacent to the newly expanded Levy Park.

TIRZ Participation: $1.27 M
City of Houston Participation: $111,000
Completed: March, 2011

Richmond Avenue Drainage System Improvements
Kirby to Buffalo Speedway

This project involved the replacement of the Richmond storm drain trunk line feeding into the recently improved Kirby system with a new 72" line. Associated lateral lines were upgraded on Eastside, Audley and Norfolk. This project will alleviate persistent Richmond flooding and improve overall area drainage in the central portion of the District.

TIRZ Participation: $5 M
Completed: February, 2013