Police Patrol

In 1989, the businesses and residents of the Upper Kirby District were concerned about the increased criminal activity in the district.  As a result of this concern, a supplemental police patrol was formed to serve the district.  

The Upper Kirby Management District provides police patrol services using off duty HPD, Metro Police and Texas State Troopers. The businesses and residents who help to underwrite the patrol have direct access by telephone to a uniformed armed officer 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.  They are reporting suspicious persons and activity to the officers and as a result, potential criminal incidents are being thwarted.  As more residents participate in the patrol, the downward trend in crime in our neighborhood will continue.

The following services are provided by the Upper Kirby Police Patrol:

•    24/7 Coverage.
•    Uniformed, armed officers empowered to issue citations, enforce City ordinances and make arrests
•    Upper Kirby identified police vehicles
•    Direct contact to HPD dispatch and processing systems to allow for seamless coordination with regular HPD patrols.
•    Direct contact to the officer-on-duty via a District supplied cell phone.
•    Residential vacation watches and business special watches.
•    Residential and business crime prevention education program.
•    Traffic control – certified police officers can respond to incidents and issue citations to reckless, speeding or thoughtless drivers.
•    Undercover operations and access to K9 units as needed.

For information on the Upper Kirby Police Patrol, contact 713.524.8000.